SAMARA: A Sci-Fi Illustrated Novel

S A M A R A: Part 1 Available Now!

This suspensful science fiction story takes readers through a dystopian Chicago in the year 2025. Samara’s quiet probe into Arus Pharmaceuticals quickly turns into a dangerous game of survival in one night. The 64 page book contains 10 dazzling, full page, color illustrations at key moments in the story. Written by short film collaborators Ray Duran and Jason Zazkowski. Illustration pencils and ink by Archangelo Crelencia. Color and cover art by Ray Duran. Striking graphic design by Jason Zazkowski. Available in Kindle and paperback on

About S A M A R A

Chicago 2025. Samara, a mysterious nomad plagued by visions of a cosmic apocalypse, must expose a deadly conspiracy she believes will result in catastrophe. Worlds collide when DEA Special Agent James Maclendon’s secret investigation becomes entangled in Samara’s quest. They are pulled into a downward spiral of deadly intrigue, much larger than what James imagined or Samara can handle alone.